Security Unfiltered Podcast Episode 109

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Jun 19, 2023
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Joe South and Bryan Smith on the Security Unfiltered Podcast

Hey RedLine community,

Our founder, Bryan Smith, recently had a chat with Joe South on the "Security Unfiltered Podcast". Bryan discussed his transition from desktop engineering to cybersecurity and touched on the value of curiosity in the field.

During the episode, Bryan highlighted the importance of blending hands-on experience with certifications. He shared some personal insights from his journey preparing for the OSCP exam and emphasized the role of manual security testing.

For those interested in certifications like OSCP or CEH, Bryan's perspective might offer some fresh insights. He believes in pairing certifications with real-world experience to truly benefit one’s career in cybersecurity.

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And for those keen to connect or discuss more with Bryan, you can find him on all the socials as @securekomodo

Stay safe and informed! 🛡️

Cybersecurity Wisdom: Balancing Work, Life, and Learning

Special thanks to Joe South from the Security Unfiltered Podcast for hosting the interview!

Cybersecurity Wisdom: Balancing Work, Life, and Learning
Security Unfiltered Podcast

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